MDU division

Divisione MDU

EURACCIAI has been operating in the field of tungsten carbide cutting tools and wear parts-components for more than fifty years and supplies companies in Italy, Europe and worldwide.

We are able to design , manufacture and supply materials and tools for challenging processes for metal removal, pressing of parts in special alloys, parting, scarfing, marking on tubes production lines, resistance welding, sandblasting through high abrasive materials, applications which require wear and mechanical shock resistance, etc. Thanks to our experience and our deep technical knowledge we are able to develop the most suitable tool or component that can achieve the required targets in term of quality, productivity and cost.

Electrodes for resistance welding

Euracciai, who prides itself on a long experience in this market, has been producing and providing electrodes for many years to many italian and European leaders for the production of electric motors for the automotive and household appliance industry.
The electrodes are made to customer drawing. They can be made either integral or with two brazed materials depending on the specific application.
Our electrodes have a working surface with a very high finishing and all details are made in order to reach the best welding performances and the longest working life.

In order to ensure tight deadlines we have a large stock of material. We have availability of the following round and square bars:

  • Pure Tungsten
  • Tungsten with Cerium
  • Tungsten with Lanthanum
  • Tungsten/Silver
  • Tungsten/Copper
  • Molybdenum
  • CCZ (Cu, Cr, Zr)
  • CCNB (Cu, Co, 1Ni, Be)
Our goal is to cooperate with the customer to achieve the best design and the best choice of materials in order to obtain the highest possible productivity.

Quality controls are carried out by qualified personnel and also by equipped laboratories. The check are carried out on incoming material, and on 100% of the items produced. Each item is also marked to ensure traceability.

Industrial Marking

Engraved molds and punches in special steel with heat treatment for marking metals, pipes and mechanical components, special characters to flat and curved surfaces, modular characters, type holders, numbering, marking wheels, study and development taper, geometry and material characteristics as per every specific applications.

Tungsten and Copper Alloys and Molybdenum

We have available at stock round bars, square bars, sheets and wire of the following materials:

  • Pure Tungsten
  • Tungsten with Lanthanum
  • Tungsten with Cerium
  • High density tungsten
  • Copper Alloys (CCNB - CCZ)
  • Copper/Tungsten
  • Molibdenum

Tungsten, boron and silicon carbide nozzles

We produce tungsten carbide,boron carbide and silicon carbide sandblast and venturi nozzles.
We produce the nozzle as per customer drawing with our without aluminum case.
Based on our large experience in this field we can help customer to choose the correct material for each appliacation.